Eden audio/CD sales:
Please be informed that full sermon audios & CDs are available for sale at the Eden media desk @Katale-nalumunye for 5,000 UGX each.
1.The partial audios shared on this website are released from the same media desk.
2.In some instances, we may share a full sermon.The online radio may play full sermons as well.
3.Please make good use of what is shared here regardless of whether it’s short, incomplete, old or new. God is able to use it change your life.
4. To buy audios/CDs,please physically go to the Eden media desk OR
5. For those not in Kampala or can’t go to the desk, please use this mobile money number (MTN +256-772-590-075, Joseph Ssekisaka).Indicate reason as “CD purchase”.
6. After payment, please WhatsApp the receipt to Anthony (+256-756-359-270) and Barbara (+256-772-404-269) who will coordinate to get the specific sermon to you.
7. You may choose to get your full sermon by whatsApp, e-mail or on CD.
8. Your buying sermon audios/CDs goes a long way to help the Eden media department buy equipment etc.Plus, there is an ongoing church-building project.Your support is very much appreciated.Thank you.

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