After receiving the Ten Commandments, Moses discovered the Israelites worshiping a calf made out of gold. He was furious, knowing that God was about to bring judgment upon them. When Moses called to the people, Who is on the Lord’s side? the sons of Levi took a stand and did the right thing(Exodus32:26). Because of that decision, God declared that all the priests would come through the tribe of Levi. What’s interesting is the Levites were descendants of Levi whose father was Jacob and whose grandmother was Rebekah—all who had been deceivers. These men were saying “This is a new day. We’re not going to be defined by our past. We’re going to break this generational curse, and start a generational blessing. That’s what happens when you decide to get rid of negative things that have been passed down. That dysfunction may not have started with you, but it can stop with you. Rise up and say, Today it ends, I am on the Lord’s side. That curse will be broken if you will surrender your whole life to Jesus and live according to His word!

Published On: August 3rd, 2022 / Categories: Daily Devotionals /